Last-Minute Summer AC Prep

When it’s 80+ degrees outside isn’t exactly when you want to start servicing your air conditioner, let alone find out if your AC works or not. But we’ve all been there. If you’re just diving into your AC prep and maintenance for summer, don’t panic. Call us today for seasonal air conditioning maintenance, and we’ll help you get your AC up and running at full strength — and efficiency — in no time.

Summer Air Conditioner Maintenance

Here are the important items that should be checked by your HVAC pro each year:

  • Clean ductwork — dirt and dust build up in your ducts and can be pulled into your air conditioner, gunking it up
  • Check refrigerant levels and test for refrigerant leaks, repairing any if found
  • Inspect the compressor & motor
  • Replace worn belts & other parts
  • Inspect & tighten electrical connections
  • Test the thermostat
  • Inspect & straighten the condenser fins
  • Clean the evaporator coil
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Make sure the condenser unit is level

If you’re flying solo, here are some activities you can do yourself:

  • Replace your air filter — if it’s clogged with dust, it will hike up your energy bill and shorten the lifespan of your equipment
  • Clean vent covers and air return covers
  • Inspect and clean the outdoor condenser unit

Broken Air Conditioner?

Did your AC bite the dust this year? Don’t worry. If it’s fixable, we’ll get it back up and running as soon as possible. If it’s beyond repair, we can help you find a new AC that’s the right size for your home, and we’ll even make sure it fits your budget with our flexible payment options.

Prep your AC for summer now — before you begin running it around the clock — to prevent mid-summer breakdowns. Especially now that most of us are staying home and sheltering-in-place, no one needs to be stuck inside without air conditioning. Good air conditioning. With a little preventative maintenance, we can do our best to make sure your unit is running in top shape all summer long.

Remember that Ross Heating and Air Conditioning is open and ready to help. We’re following all possible safety and sanitation measures including providing gloves, booties and masks for our technicians to wear when they enter your home. Call us today to get your air conditioning in ship-shape. We’ll make sure you stay as comfortable as possible all summer long.

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